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"Annie Get Your Gun" Reviews

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I was so nervous about seeing AGYG because I was afraid of getting lost! I would have gotten a couple of other people in my drama club tickets to the show so that I didn't have to go alone, but #1) I didn't know that the two people I could have taken liked Bernadette Peters and #2) I don't think they could have afforded the tickets (I know I had a hard time financially)! Maybe we'll all go next time! Anyway, I ended up going alone and I was scared that I wouldn't find the theater! Well, on my first day in NYC (the day before AGYG) my friends and I were walking around and I ran into the theater where the show is. It was right behind the hotel we were staying in! So I was relieved that I didn't have to walk too far by myself at night.

Well, when I first got to the theater, they didn't have the house opened yet, so I walked around inside the hotel where the theater is and I thought it was so beautiful! I was also getting nervous by the minute. I was so excited to be there. Well, when they opened the house up, I found my seat right away and was so happy because I didn't realize how close I was going to be to the stage! There is no orchestra pit, so the seats are a lot closer then they are at some of the other theaters. Once I knew where my seat was, I went into the lobby and bought a denim button down shit, a black T-shirt, and a program. I wanted to buy everything else in site, but didn't want to spend the little money that I had on my second day in New York (we were there for four days). I went back and took my seat, where I looked at my watch every minute! Time seems to go very slow when you're excited! I spent most of the time looking at the program, which made me even more excited. Then, the show began.....

Before AGYG, I didn't think I knew any of the songs, but the opening number was "There's No Business Like Show Business" and I immediately thought, "hey, I know this song!" I felt like singing along with it, but I didn't! I was amazed at how Tom Wopat can sing! I used to love The Dukes of Hazzard as a child, and he just never seemed like the musical type! When Buffalo Bill announces Annie Oakley, the audience cheered, awaiting the appearance of Bernadette, but when he says "oh, you'll meet her later," the auidence was like "Ahhhh"! When she finally did come on stage, the audience cheered so loudly (myself included). How adorable she looked as Annie Oakley! She was singing "Doin' What Comes Naturally" with three kids and I was amazed at how talented those children are!

I was also surprised to hear them sing "Anything You Can Do" and "I Got the Sun in the Morning." I knew those songs as well, but never knew that they were from this show! I usually hate westerns, so I wasn't sure what I'd think of AGYG. But I absolutely loved, not just the music, but the clothing and the entire set! The costumes were very extravagant, and I also enjoyed looking at the set design! During a coupld of scenes, I was so involved in looking at the set, that I almost forgot about the show! I never knew anything about Annie Oakley, but now I find myself at the library, getting books out about her! The show really got me interested in the lives of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler. I admit that I didn't think the Indians looked like real Indians, and then I found out that Tommy Keeler is supposed to be part Indian and part Irish. I was like "ummm...okay, if you say so!" He just didn't look "Native American" to me and I kept thinking that he was wearing a wig, which I found out later, was indeed a wig. Oh well, he was still a cutie!

I was totally into Bernadette whenever she was on stage. Even when other actors were talking, I kept looking over at her. She is so adorable and she sounds just as amazing when she sings live! Sometimes people sound totally different live then they do on their Cds. Not Bernadette though! She sounds terrific when she's live! I don't know if I'd enjoy the show as much if someone else was starring in it. I just can't see anyone in that role, but Bernadette! I loved Annie Get Your Gun, and would give anything to be able to see it again and again and again!