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Contact Information

Bernadette Peters

c/o The Marquis Theatre

211 W 45th Street

New York, NY 10036

Or You Can Send Her An Email At:

PLEASE NOTE: The email does not go directly to her. All email will be forwarded to Bernadette by her official web site. As far as the snail mail address is concerned, you can be 100% sure that your letter will get to her, but this does not mean she will answer your letter. Remember that Ms. Peters is a very busy woman and she doesn’t always have the time to answer all of her mail. You can be sure though, that she appreciates every letter that she receives. Good luck and happy letter writing!

Writing Tips

KEEP IT SHORT: One page is all that you need to tell Bernadette of your admiration and appreciation for her. Ms. Peters doesn’t have time to read a novel, so please don’t write her one! If you’re letter is short, it may have a better chance of being answered.

WATCH YOUR HANDWRITING! If it’s sloppy, she isn’t going to have the time to make out what your letter says! If you’re handwriting is bad, then print, and if that isn’t good either, you can type your letter. But if it’s at all possible, please try not to type your letter – it just isn’t as personal!

USE NICE STATIONARY: If you can afford it, why not go out and buy some pretty and colorful stationary to write your letter on. Or if you have the Hallmark Greeting Card CD Rom, you can use that to create your own stationary. If neither is possible, then use stickers (not too many though) or a drawing to liven the paper up!

DON’T BE TOO PERSONAL: Don’t go on and on and on about yourself,you family, your friends, etc. Don’t write her a biography of yourself and don’t tell her the names of all your pets (unless you named one after her) or give her your family tree! If the letter is only a page long, you want to leave room to tell her how much you admire and appreciate her.

DON’T SOUND OBSESSIVE: Remember, celebrities gets all kinds of weirdo’s writing them letters, so watch what you say. What may sound like a compliment to you, may sound like something else to her.


1. A CD/movie/play of hers that’s your favorite

2. If you saw AGYG, tell her what you thought of it

3. If she’s encouraged you in some way, let her know!

4. Congratulate her on her marriage, Tony nominations, the success of AGYG, etc.

5. Tell that you hope and pray for only the best for her

ASK POLITELY FOR AN AUTOGRAPH: For goodness sakes, Do NOT Beg! She may not have the time to send you a letter, but if you’re nice enough, she may send you a picture!

SEND HER A PICTURE TO SIGN: If you have a picture of her that you really like, send it to her and ask her (politely) if she can sign it for you.

SEND A S.A.S.E: I’ve heard that you are more likely to get a response from a celebrity, if you send along a self addressed stamped envelope.

SEND A THANK YOU CARD: If she does send you a response, then go buy a nice postcard and let her know that you are really thankful for her taking out the time to write you back. Postcards are cheap, and they’re a nice way to show you’re appreciation!

BE POLITE AND COURTEOUS!:This is the most important part of writing to any celebrity. If she doesn’t win her Tony Award for AGYG (but I’m predicting she will), don’t say stuff like “I can’t believe that other person won. They’re awful and you are so much better!” It’s one thing to say that you thought she should have won, but she just might be friends with the person who did win, and you don’t want to disrespect her friends, now do you?