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All About Me

My name is Maggi and I am a 23 year old Performing Arts major at the community college. I've only been acting about two years. My very first play was when I played a rapping mouse in our drama club's production of "Cinderella" in the spring of 1998. Then, my second role was as "Gay Wellington" in our theater department's production of "You Can't Take it With You." That was my first time doing a show in front of hundreds of people and we did six performances of that. We only did two performances of "Cinderella" and that was only for the day care kids and the people in our acting classes. I never get nervous on stage! I get so nervouse backstage from the anticipation, that I feel like I'm going to throw up or pass out, but once I get on stage, all of that goes away completely! I've done countless monologues for my acting classes, my two favorites being from "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "Night Mother." I admit, I'm not too good right now, but I guess I can't expect to be Bernadette Peters! For some of the other newbies, acting seems to come so naturally, but for me, its not that easy! Don't I wish it was! But I'm not going to give up on my dream!

My favorte actress is, of course, Ms. Peters and my favorite actor is Jimmy Stewart. I visited the Jimmy Stewart Museum and loved it. It's a must see for any Stewart fan! My favorite film of his is Rear Window, followed by Vertigo, and Rope. I also enjoy the works of Robert Sean Leonard, Christian Bale, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Winona Ryder, and Ralph Fiennes. My top five favorite movies are probably (in no certain order); Little Women, Patch Adams, Schindlers List, American History X, and The Diary of Anne Frank. But then again, Titanic, Grease, You've Got Mail, Urban Legend, Much Ado About Nothing, and Alive are also great films. I've always preferred dramas over comedies, but there are cetrain comedies that I love, esp. the ones by Hanks, Williams, and of course, Bernadette Peters! On TV, I never like to miss Touched by an Angel, Promised Land, Cosby, or America's Most Wanted. I'm also a big fan of reruns: The Cosby Show, the Jeffersons, the Wonder Years, the Brady Bunch, and the Golden Girls. I listen to mostly Christian pop and rock music (DC Talk, Petra, Rebecca St. James, and Michael W. Smith just to name a few), but I also love big band music (esp. Benny Goodman), oldies music (esp. Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, and the Beatles), movie and Broadway musical soundtracks, and some secular artists like Brandy and Celine Dion. Ricky Martin is a new favorite of mine!

If I could pick four plays to take part in, I would definitely pick Anne Frank, the Crucible, Little Women, and Night Mother. I can't sing AT ALL (trust me on that one), so I could never be in a musical, but if I could sing, I'd love to be in Grease and of course, Annie Get Your Gun!

I am such a history buff. I espcially enjoy reading and watching documentaries about JFK (another great film by the way), Martin Luther King Jr., the Titanic (my interest in that came way before the latest movie ever did), Anne Frank, Annie Oakley, Native American history, the Holocaust, the Salem Witch Trials, and I enjoy some crime stories, esp. the one about Leopold and Loeb, which was made into a Hitchcock/Jimmy Stewart film called "Rope."

I collect anything that has to do with the comedy and tragedy masks esp. jewelry, and I collect Hitckcock films, Jimmy Stewart films, and anything that has to do with Abbott and Costello, from their movies to trading cards! They're the greatest comedy team that ever lived, in my humble opinion! Other interests of mine include movies, concerts, watching live theater, working out, writing, and watching figure skating (I just love Elvis Stojko and Katia Gordeeva). I also have four homepages I work on: this one, a Christian homepage, a Robert Sean Leonard homepage, and an Elvis Stojko homepage. I just love being creative! I also collect articles for my figure skating scrapbook. Well, that's all there is to know about me! I know this probably bored you to death, but sometimes it's interesting to know a little bit about the person who's web page you're looking at!