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Music Reviews

Into The Woods

This musical is so good, although it's also quite long (over 3 hours). The music, which was created by Stephen Sondheim is so lovely and whenever I listen to the CD, I can vividly see the scene that each song is from. That's how real it is. Even though the story is anything but true, the music puts you into the fairy tale. Two of the best songs on it have got to be "No One is Alone" & "Children Will Listen." The whole musical revolves around a bunch of different fairy tales (including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Rapunzle). The characters in each tale are intertwined together to create one fairy tale about growing up, the relationships between children and parents, morality, and taking responsibility. Its a story where witches are tell the truth, nice people lie, and good people die. Its actually a lot more realistic then your average fairy tale, and some of the songs are something that I can relate to. This is a must CD for any Broadway musical or Stephen Sondheim/Bernadette Peters fan.

Annie Get Your Gun

This CD opens with one of the most popular songs in musical theater, "There's No Business Like Show Business," which also happens to be one of my favorite songs on here. Bernadette doesn't come on until the second song, "Doin' What Comes Naturally" and she is just so adorable! Even now, when I hear this song, I relive that moment when Bernadette came out onto the stage for the first time in AGYG. It was her first scene in the show, and my first time witnessing her on stage! How could a person ever forget the first time they saw Bernadette Peters live? I also love listening to "You Can't Get A Man With A Gun," "The Girl that I Marry," "Anything You Can Do," and "I Got the Sun in The Morning." Although all the songs are good, the ones that don't feature Bernadette are the ones that I listen to the least. Featuring music by Irving Berlin (I used to hate him in elementary school because we always had to sing his songs in music class and the ones we sung were b-o-r-i-n-g), Annie Get Your Gun is now one of my favorite Broadway Musical CD's. I can't see anyone else in the part of "Annie Oakley" except for Bernadette. I must also say, that Tom Wopat is amazing. I'm still surprised at how well he sings. He's got a great voice, although I never saw him as the musical type. Boy did he prove me wrong! This is a really fun musical to listen to, and even more fun to see live.

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

This is the first solo project that I bought by Bernadette and it's amazing! I've listened to "Cupid," "No One Is Alone," and "Running on Faith" the most, but all of the songs are just as good. The album includes songs originally written by Lyle Lovett, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon & Paul McCartney. Bernadette adds her own touch to each song and I am continually amazed at her voice. She can sing high, low, and whatever else you can do with a singing voice, she does! If you want to hear her hold one single note for 20 long seconds, go listen to "Anything You Can Do" on AGYG. Bernadette has got to have one of the most beautiful singing voices on Broadway and anywhere else for that matter. That's why Bernadette fans must listen to "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight." It's a wonderful CD.

Sondheim Etc: Live At Carnegie Hall

I have never been to a Bernadette Peters concert, although she was in my hometown two years ago (boy, do I wish I had loved her back then)! On this album, both she and the audience make you feel like you’re really there. She sings the best in Sondheim music, including “Broadway Baby,” “Some People,” “Time Heals Everything,” “Hello Little Girl,” and my personal favorite, “No One Is Alone.” This album is fabulous and right now, it’s my favorite solo album of Bernadette’s. In a way, I envy the audience every time I hear them applaud because I think, “how awesome it must be to have been there!” If she ever comes back to my hometown, I will do whatever it takes to see her! But for now, I must be content with “Live At Carnegie Hall” and if you ask me, that’s nothing to complain about! By the way, proceeds from the album benefit Gay Men’s Health Crisis, which goes to show you how caring and generous Bernadette really is. If you haven’t gotten this album yet, I highly recommend that you get it. You won’t be disappointed!